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Nibble, is a P2P crowdfunding platform that belongs to the IT Smart Finance Group (ITSF) –

Nibble is a financial platform that connects investors and lenders. Unlike other platforms, Nibble has a much higher investment security guarantee since the loans are issued by companies that are part of the IT Smart Finance holding (ITSF).
Nibble average performance reaches up to 12%

A financial conglomerate with current headquarters in Spain and Russia founded in 2014 with more than 200 employees worldwide among all the companies in the corporate group and 1.5 million dollars of net income in the last reported year.

Nibble allows you to invest in loans issued by the originator, Joymoney, also part of the ITSF Group, with operations: in Russia (2014), Spain (2019) and soon Mexico in 2020. The average yield of Nibble reaches up to 12%, which is higher than the average return on investment in the P2P market. has two investment plans:

Long-term investments
Long-term investments allow the maximum income to be received because during the reinvestment period the amount of closed loans is reinvested again.
Test investments
Test investments allow you to test the service in a short time. A user can create only a test portfolio for an amount not more than 300 EU.

Platform Features:

  • Investments from 10 EUR.
  • Up to 36 months.
  • Automatic reinvestment.
  • Repurchase guarantee. See Less

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